Green Force

Renewable Energy from Algae

Green Force Prototype 1.0

Executive Summary

Global warming is a world problem with far reaching effects that is proving increasingly disruptive to our daily lives. A large contributor to the increase of carbon dioxide (“CO2”) concentration in the atmosphere that drives global warming is the burning of fossil fuels for electricity generation and transportation. As such, there is a major movement advocating for low carbon emission in recent years. Research has shown that fossil fuel will be exhausted in approximately 20 years and this has greatly increased the urgency for us to look for a new energy source to meet our needs. According to an article written by Bill Gates, former CEO of Microsoft, new energy would be a growing trillion-dollar industry in the future

Biodiesel is a renewable energy similar to conventional or fossil diesel that is currently being used widely as transportation fuel. Algae are one of the sources used for biodiesel production, and growing algae can provide environmental benefits because algae consume CO2 during its cultivation. However, algal based biodiesel is not widely produced due to high production cost and low productivity through the current two conventional systems in the market. Therefore, Choy Lee Tech invented a system named “Green Force” to culture specific type of algae strains to produce biodiesel to tackle these two problems on an industrial scale.

“Green Force” is designed with automatic operation capability to adapt to different landscapes or extreme weather conditions once defined parameters (e.g. temperature, pH, etc.) are programmed for optimal productivity. There is also a 3-step sterilizing process built in the “Green Force” to maintain the culturing medium with low contamination rate for algae growth and recycling of culturing medium. As a result, it is anticipated to significantly increase the productivity of algae oil up to 20 times and simultaneously reduce operating cost by 80% compared to existing production methods.

In 2018,“Green Force” design won the HK SME Innovation Award and Choy Lee Tech was the Capital Magazine Winner of Best Biotechnology Company. Our invention patents are sponsored by the Hong Kong Productivity Council and we have patents in United States, China, Hong Kong and Japan. We have also been selected and funded by the Hong Kong Government Cyberportas one of the 24 intake incubators out of 297 companies.

Our System

Choy Lee Tech developed a machine-based solution on algal technologies, named “Green Force” that is able to improve the productivity of algal oil while keeping production costs low

Currently, most companies either use Open Pond or Strict Close systems for algae strains production. There are different pros and cons between the 2 systems but “Green Force” is able to outperform both by increasing profitability of algal oil through focusing on productivity improvement and cost efficiency.

Open Pond Strict Close Green Force
Scaling up / Industrialization Yes Not economical Yes
Primary Flow Rate Control Paddle Pump Pump
Energy Source Sunlight Sunlight LED & Sunlight
Ecosystem Bio diversify Unify Unify
Labor Requirement Low High Low
Fertilizer Consumption Efficiency Low Low High
Continual Culturing No No Yes
Cross Contamination Extremely High Mild Low
Productivity Low High High
Harvesting Cost High High Low to Medium

Awards and Media Interviews

Intellectual Protection

Intellectual property by patenting in the following countries: United States, China, Hong Kong and Japan.
United States Patent Number US 9,539,525 B2
Chinese Invention Number ZL201510306979.X
Hong Kong Patent Publication Number HK1214201
Japanese Patent Register Number 3200373